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We are honored to introduce the esteemed speakers who will be sharing their expertise, insights, and experiences at our upcoming conference dedicated to advancing education and skills development across the African Continent.

Prof. Dr. Benno Werlen

Founder - The Jena Declaration

Prof. Piero Dominici

Vice President - World Complexity Science Academy

Sarah Osei

Rapperteur General

Dr. John Mugo

Executive Director, Zizi Afrique Foundation

Prof. Fengchun Miao

Chief of Unit - Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Education, UNESCO HQ - Paris

Dr. Sara Jones

Chairperson, Exhibition Panel of Judges

Prof. Nnamdi Nwulu

Chairholder, South Africa/Switzerland Bilateral Research Chair in Blockchain Technology

Dr. Jamie P. Halsall

Director of Graduate Education, University of Huddersfield

William Nguru

CEO - Kurasa

Ramesh Balan

CEO - Knomadix and AI