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Our team has carefully curated a list of frequently asked questions to ensure your experience with the conference is seamless and enjoyable.

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1Why was the ARC-EDS initiated?
The ARC-EDS was initiated to provide solutions to the challenges of education, unemployment, and skills development for employability gaps among Africa’s youth population. ARC-EDS serves as a vital platform for collective thinking among governments and key stakeholders towards triggering a turnaround in the fortunes of Africa’s growing youth population, to engender hope, and provide opportunities for Africa’s socio-economic transformation. It is an initiative of ESDEV Foundation Africa.
2What is the purpose of the ARC-EDS?
The purpose of the ARC-EDS is to explore strategies to combat the growing youth unemployment situation in Africa, by amplifying the opportunities for the youth. It is also to promote TVET as a viable and attractive option that empower young people, to accelerate progress on SDG 4.3 and 4.4 targets in the Africa region, and ultimately, contributing to reducing unemployment and dependency in the Africa region.
3Who is organising the 2024 ARC-EDS?
The 2024 ARC-EDS is organised by the ESDEV Foundation Africa and Ghana’s premier Technical University - The Accra Technical University in collaboration with selected Technical and Skills training institutions in the Africa region.
4Who are the partners?
The ARC-EDS has a wide range of governmental and non-governmental partners at all levels - global, Continental, and national.
5What is the theme for 2024 ARC-EDS?
The Theme for the 2024 ARC -EDS is: ‘Unlocking Africa’s Youth Potentials for Socio-Economic Transformation’.
6How are the 2024 ARC-EDS sessions organised?
The 2024 ARC-EDS sessions will be organised in both Plenary and break-out sessions. There will also be Panel discussions and Exhibition by Technical Universities and corporate organisations sponsors.
7What are the focus areas and sub-themes around which the 2024 ARC-EDS discussions are centred?

The 2024 ARC-EDS focus areas are as follows:

  • Redefining education to address skill gaps for youth employment: The need for broader policy framework for African governments.
  • Leveraging emerging technologies for youth employment in Africa.
  • Maximizing African youth potential for Sustainability and Sustainable development.
  • Harnessing the power of African youth populations as human capital for socio- economic transformation.
  • Bridging youth unemployment gaps: Strategies for effective skills acquisition for Africa.
8What are the Expected Outcomes of the 2024 ARC-EDS?

A diverse community of stakeholders equipped with innovative solutions designed to address challenges of skills development for employability and entrepreneurship facing Africa’s growing youthful population, and consequently accelerating the achievement of SDG 4.3 and 4.4 targets.

9What are the official hashtags for the 2024 ARC-EDS?
10Who can I contact for enquiries?
General Enquiries: +233 241020391 / +233 543442224
For Media/Press: +233 241020391 / +233 543442224


1How can I take part in the 2024 ARC-EDS?
Participation of the 2024 ARC-EDS is by invitation. However, beyond the conference venue, there is also an opportunity for online participation for the public.
2When and where will the 2024 ARC-EDS be held?
The 2024 ARC-EDS will be held on the 12th of June 2024, at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra, Ghana @ 09.00hrs
3What languages will be used during the 2024 ARC-EDS?
English language


1How can journalists request for accreditation and what’s the deadline?
The conference is strictly by invitation. Selected media houses have been invited to cover the event. Please contact Mr. Felix Baidoo 024 619 9586 for information on media relations